69th Ohara Matsuri

by - November 03, 2020

The 69th Ohara Festival was held on Cultural Day (November 3, 2020). Ohara matsuri is a very famous festival in Kagoshima City that usually included so many dancers. But, due to the spread of Corona, this year event was only held for two hours. Visitors who want to get closer with the dancer would be checked for body temperature and should apply disinfectant.

Taking pictures with all ambassador in front of Kagoshima City Hall before the event
I participated in this event as part of Kagoshima City Tourism Ambassadors 2020 after routinely two weeks of dance preparation. There are three types of dance we performed during Ohara Festival: Ohara Bushi, Shibuya Ondo, and Hanya Bushi. It was simple dances, but without practice really confusing. 

Dance around Tenmonkan street

Since the participants were from many institutions, schools, etc so that Tenmonkan street becomes very crowd. The tram and bus were stopped, everyone can enjoy the festive festival. 


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