The Purple Wisteria Tunnel

by - May 02, 2019

Wisteria or Fuji 藤 in Japanese is blooming at the beginning of Spring, between April to early May. I  interested to visit Wisteria Tunnel after I saw a picture at an Instagram post. 

It was 10 consecutive days of 2019 Golden Weeks I visited Kawachi Wisteria Garden in Kitakyushu, the northern part of Fukuoka Prefecture. You must be imagined that it would be people crowd outside there, and it was. However, I reserved the entrance ticket from an online website to ensure that I can enter this garden rather than take the whole on a queue line just to buy the ticket. 

From Kokura station, I took JR train to Yahata station. As arrived, I put my luggage to coin locker since it will be inconvenient to walk in the garden with a lot of stuff. Then I walked near Mt Sarakura Observatory shuttle bus, and I asked the staff with my limited Japanese whether they know shuttle bus that will go to Wisteria Garden. As they showed me the queue line, then I followed their instruction. It surprised me that more than half of the bus passenger are foreigners. 

It took approximately 30 minutes from the station to the garden.

Wisteria Tunnel

Arrived at the garden, so many people walking throughout the tunnel. It was a sunny day anyway, long days vacation. No wonder! But for people like me who like to photograph, it was not good news.

But, when the object can not be changed, photographer will change the angle to get the best picture they can. So I would try.

The first tunnel, the most beautiful, you can find most of the pictures on the internet was taken there. I could smell the fragrant scent along the tunnel, with the sound of a honey bee flying between the flowers. I tried to photograph this tunnel, not so good, but I captured.

Walking near me two Japanese female (around 60 years old I guess) that greeted me. "写真とりましょうか (Shashin torimashouka)?" which means 'May I help to take your picture?'. Maybe she saw me walking by myself to just focusing on the flower, then she offered help to take the picture.  Of course, it helped. Solo travel knows this situation well that taking picture of ourselves with the object is almost impossible if we don't dare to ask a stranger :)

Second tunnel with various wisteria

Then followed by the second tunnel which has several kinds of Wisteria, the purple and the white. A few people crowd this place. However, I could smell different scent between the white and purple wisteria. The white one tends to be soft than the purple one. 

Hanging Wisteria

At the hanging wisteria, it was not so high, so I could take a lot of macro photographs here. This area also felt cooler, so that people gather along this place to take a bit rest after a long walk or to take the pictures. It did not a matter, cause I also spotted beautiful view here. 

One of my macro photograph

Finishing my walk earlier with a bunch of pictures taken with a camera, I still didn't want to leave this garden. First, because the entrance was quite expensive. Second, it took a lot of effort to come here from Kagoshima. So I decided to do some round again, trying to take the best picture I can. 

The best picture I captured from this garden ;)

Fortunately, a hijaber appear in front of me in the opposite direction. She is an Indonesian study in Osaka, travel by bus to Kokura. I had a lot of conversation with her in the garden, even on the bus going back to Yahata station. It's been a while I did not talk in Bahasa, nostalgic. Then, the new story began :)

You must know that when Indonesian girl meets each other, the first thing they never doubt is a request for taking self pictures. Only Indonesian understand and patient enough to take so many pictures in one background just to get the best angle and style. Thanks to her I have a lot of pictures of my self in my camera right now ;)

This journey is part of JR Kyushu Foreign Student Pass Trip around Kyushu. 

See you on another trip 👋

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