Day Eternal Rainbow at Takachiho Gorge

by - November 01, 2018

 I can say that this journey is the most unplanned and unbelievable journey. On the way to Takachiho (Miyazaki) from Kumamoto by bus, I said to Tika that I never dream that one day I could visit this place. I saw the picture of this place for the first time from one of my laboratory friend, and I though that it was not in Japan. Then I found the information about this place from tourism area and trying to find out the way to go here.

At first, I couldn't find any information about transportation here. I tried to ask Japanese friends, but the answer quite same. It's quite far, impossible without car. I understand very well since the beginning I came to Japan that Kyushu is very beautiful, but it's difficult to explore without having or driving car. 

Just that day we suddenly decided to go Takachiho Gorge with any risks. We found there is an access of public transportation from Kumamoto Station to Takachiho Bus Center, its only run twice in a day (9.11 and 15.31), so if we fail to get the first bus, we should rearrange the trip because that day was the last day for our ryuugakusei pass limit. During 'peak season' it's better to make yoyaku (reservation) anw. 

The bus took 4 hours until arrive at Takachiho Bus Center. We arrived at 12.24, then normally there are shuttle bus to get Takachiho Gorge, but you can take taxi (cost about 1000 Yen)  which takes 5 minutes or walk for around 30 minutes to get there. Our case, we choose taxi after considering limited time we have there. The bus from Takachiho Bus Center to Kumamoto Station also only run twice a day, at 8.45 and 17.00. It means we only have 4 hours to enjoy Takachiho, so time is precious. 

The gate of Takachiho Gorge

When we arrived, the maple (momiji) was under changing their color. Its beautiful, I like that situation. Not so hot, not yet cool. We found the gate of Takachiho Kyo (Takachiho Gorge) which written in Japanese character, and if we continue walking we would find the bridge which we could see a lot of boat stream along the gorge with waterfall there. It was very beautiful scenery.

Beautiful Scenery I took from the bridge before going down to the boat renting area

Though it took almost 20 minutes waiting the queue of boat, I could bear it. Boat rent cost 2000 Yen for maximum 3 people, for 30 minutes. I think it's quite enough since we couldn't change the driver. Rivan was our driver because he was the only male among us, but luckily he appeared almost in our pictures we took there (:D) when it was difficult for us to took our own picture. 

Beginning of our boat journey, before crossing the bridge above

It was cold there, majestic cold. The sun was not too hot, but I think I got sweat because of life vest I wore that days. The rainbow and waterfall more interested for me. Because there is a lot of waterfall, if the sun light penetrate though them, rainbow will be created. That's why, if there is always waterfall and sun light, I think the rainbow is eternal view there. So majestic view! 😍

Eternal Rainbow on Takachiho Gorge I mentioned above

After we passed the rainbow, we went deeper through many waterfall

It was really majestic! I want to go there more and more without realizing that the transportation is kind of difficult. Anw, our time is limited. That's why I shoot a lot of picture there, as much as I can, because time was so priceless. We continued to enjoy other location. But, before I tell another stories, I'll tell you that you shouldn't skip tracking area near the gate. There is small place, almost not interesting if you see from far, but from there you can capture the most beautiful picture of Takachiho Gorge, the boats, and waterfall.

This is very gorgeous view from walking track area

From other side of walking track area

The next I will tell you about Amanoiwate Shrine, beautiful shrine in Takachiho, Miyazaki.

This is the story of the 3rd days of My 3rd Ryuugakusei Pass Trip  menggunakan JR Kyushu Foreign Student Pass.

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